Organic Juggling meets Dance

A 5 day dance and juggling workshop with Stefan Sing and Cristiana Casadio
10am – 4pm, 4-8 December 2017

“If you want to juggle better, learn to dance.” – Stefan Sing

This workshop will explore the intrinsic connection between throwing objects and body movement, combining the Organic Juggling techniques of Stefan Sing with the choreographic and rhythmic qualities of contemporary dance, taught by Cristiana Casadio. Continue reading “Organic Juggling meets Dance”

Balinese Masks

A weekend of mask theatre with Maria Eugenia Blanco
14h-18h, 2-3 December, 2017

Masks, for the Balinese, may serve as lightning rods, to collect, momentarily, a portion of the cosmic energi, the vital life of the universe.
This workshop is a theater exploration, and an approach of creation with masks. Continue reading “Balinese Masks”

Creative Simplicity

Three days of developing material with Peter Sweet
27 (evening), 28 & 29 October 2017

What if all of the ideas that you will ever need are already present in your movement?

What happens when you clear away the extra noise and invest yourself completely in each action?

In this workshop we will practice the fine art of listening to what we already have and developing it to its fullest potential. Continue reading “Creative Simplicity”