Creative Simplicity

Three days of developing material with Peter Sweet
27 (evening), 28 & 29 October 2017

What if all of the ideas that you will ever need are already present in your movement?

What happens when you clear away the extra noise and invest yourself completely in each action?

In this workshop we will practice the fine art of listening to what we already have and developing it to its fullest potential. Continue reading “Creative Simplicity”

Tell Me A Story

Three days exploring narrative and character work on stage with Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters
22-24 September, 2017

Since the dawn of time, human beings have loved stories. This workshop examines various methods of creating a character and constructing a coherent story for it. It will show the ‘dramatic curve’, how to keep your audience invested in your character, and the danger of ‘too many ideas’. Continue reading “Tell Me A Story”

Organic Acrobatics

A five day dance workshop with Alex ‘El Greco’
10am-2.30pm, 4-8 September 2017.

The goal of this class is to expand our body’s capacity for movement, developing potency, versatility and creativity.

We will be building a vocabulary of movement based on acrobatics, setting the basics for the body to be able to move with freedom through all the levels, axes and directions. Continue reading “Organic Acrobatics”


A weekend of handstands with Anne-Julia Neumann
12pm – 3pm, 19-20 August, 2017

A handstand workshop for everyone who likes to discover the world upside down. The workshop combines technical coaching with focus on creative ways to achieve each student’s own handstand goals: new methods of training, balance tips and also research of personal movements. Continue reading “EquiLibre”

Waves and Frequencies – Aragorn ‘Bishop’ Boulanger

Waves and Frequencies, a neverending process
A 5 day dance workshop with Aragorn ‘Bishop’ Boulanger
1-5 August 2017. 12pm – 5pm

AragoRn Boulanger a.k.a BishoP will share his technical development of waving through what’s called « WindStyle ». This technique is based on three principles used to explore and master the circulation of movement through and inside the physical body. Continue reading “Waves and Frequencies – Aragorn ‘Bishop’ Boulanger”