Contemporary Acrobatics – Yotam Peled

A weekend dance acrobatics workshop with Yotam Peled
15-16 July 2017. 11am – 2pm

What are contemporary acrobatics to me? Risk taking, tricking, breaking the form, implementing virtuosity in flow? Above all, being able to understand technique through physical experience, being
kind to your body and at the same time pushing it, exploring the maximum but using the minimum necessary. Continue reading “Contemporary Acrobatics – Yotam Peled”

Instinct As A Source Of Movement – Roberto Olivan

A 5 day contemporary dance workshop with Roberto Olivan
12th – 16th June, 2017

By learning and using many different kinds of dance techniques Roberto Olivan discovered their limitations for artistic expression. Whilst accepting the necessity for these conventional techniques, he knows that using them exclusively curtails freedom in the dance and the dancers. Continue reading “Instinct As A Source Of Movement – Roberto Olivan”

Writing Juggling – Denis Paumier

A 5 day juggling workshop with Denis Paumier
10am – 5pm, 16 – 20 May, 2017

We will approach juggling through its mathematical notation: siteswap. By shuttling back and forth between theory and practise, allying movement and rhythm, body and props, we will develop a composition method for solo and group juggling. We will go through all stages from learning to performing. Continue reading “Writing Juggling – Denis Paumier”

From Mood to Mode – Physical comedy with Joanna Bassi

3 Day clowning and physical comedy workshop with Joanna Bassi
10am – 5pm, March 31st – April 2nd

“We can all be funny once – it’s the second time that counts.”
Joanna Bassi

The work focuses on character development, personality and presence enhancement especially for circus and street artists, whether they interact with the public or not. Continue reading “From Mood to Mode – Physical comedy with Joanna Bassi”

Matthias Romir – February 3 – 5, 2017

After an immensely popular workshop in 2016, Matthias Romir is back!

Expressive Juggling Workshop
Discover the potential of catching and throwing as a powerful individual artistic language. The workshop is open to anyone working with any kind of props, but willing to spend some time with clubs and balls. We will look at different techniques with clubs and balls and we will transfer what we achieve to the participants’ favourite props and to their own work. Continue reading “Matthias Romir – February 3 – 5, 2017”