Vivid Voyage – 23+24.06.2023

DATE: 23.06 & 24.06.2023
VENUE: Wilhelminenhofstraße 91, 12459 Berlin (back entrance)
START: 6pm-10pm

An evening of interactive performance and audiovisual installations, featuring the Immersive Dance Experience. Explore the crossover between technology, dance, circus and performing art with artists from all over Europe and beyond.

The evening event will be open for 4 hours, during which there will be space to explore the installations in your own time in a gallery-style format, as well as some performances at set times.

Expect to see:
Translating movement into light and sound
Personalised performance
Aerial acrobatics and Projection
Interactive movement sculpture
The Immersive Dance Experience
and more

The Immersive Dance Experience works at the border between a dance class, Ecstatic Dance and party. Get ready to loosen up, explore your body and the music and have fun with your friends on the dancefloor!

To take part in the Immersive Dance experience, please be sure to bring a set of wired headphones with you!


Tickets: 15€
Please reserve your ticket online. We charge a 5€ reservation fee. The rest will be charged onsite. 

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The Immersive Dance Experience was developed thanks to generous support from tanz:digital.

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