What the (H)ELLE! – 31.05.2024

What the (H)ELLE! is a circus theatre show on the theme of hell, mixing the traditional circus technique with contemporary numbers with a touch of humour.

Friday 31.05.2024
Doors at 19:30
Show at 20:00

Location: Katapult (Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin)

 15€ (Donation appreciated)

What the (H)ELLE!

The show is based on archetypes of characters from the traditions of hell, such as Lucifer, Lillith, the seven deadly sins. It does not address the subject in a religious or spiritual way, but with the concept of «hell» as an individual idea. Alongside this theme, What the (H)ELLE! wants to highlight a pro-feminist show with an image of the modern woman, strong and independent. What the (H)ELLE now addresses the question: If everyone has their own personal version of hell, what is it for Lucifer, the supreme and patriarchal ruler of hell himself? The answer is obvious: loss of authority, loss of power. And this is where the story of What the (H)ELLE! begins.

Direction: Yvon Fragnière

Cast: Yvon Fragnière, Anaïs Scheel, Hanna Effenberg, Sarah Repond, Valerie Moser, Max Patschke

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