Workshop Commedia dell’Arte and Physical Theater with live music

29th, 30th October 2022
h 13:00 – 20:00

by Francesca Sarah Toich (performing artist specialized in Commedia dell’Arte), Daniela Marcozzi (physical theater artists) and Luigi De Cicco (musician, composer and theater artist).

​Marcozzi Contemporary Theater is pleased to present a research-based mask and Commedia dell’Arte workshop. 
The three artists will work together with participants to discover a different approach and use of the mask, starting with Commedia dell’Arte and exploring how the body can itself be transformed into a mask.

We will discover together everyone’s affinities with the mask and how to build a choral improvisational work, based on ancient plot and modern languages.

The performers will bring the mask to life, on a physical, rhythmic, intentional and poetic level, and through the interplay with live music. 

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140 euro: reduced price (for students and Berlin Pass)
 165 euro: full price

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