Handstand and Flexibility workshop


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Nicole Martres will teach two days of handstand&contortion. By purchasing this ticket, you sign up to take part in both workshops.

Saturday, 04.05.2024 – Contortion:
14:00-15:00 progressive warm-up
15:00-16:00 contortion exercises
16:00-17:00 freestyle contortion (combining various shapes, sequences, and handstand contortion) + cooldown

About the flexibility workshop:
Recommended for individuals with experience in any form of body practice, not necessarily contortion. Each student will work within their own range and abilities. The class will include a warm-up and appropriate physical preparation, both passive and active flexibility training, shapes, movements, and sequences. The objective will be to work together using the flexibility training method that I recommend, refine techniques, provide exercises for individual practice, and potentially unlock new tricks and explore new material.

Sunday, 05.05.2024 – Handstand:
14:00-15:00 conditioning and flexibility exercises
15:00-17:00 of handstand practice + cooldown

Handstands workshop:
Recommended for people with experience in handstands, preferably a minimum of 30 seconds unassisted and transitions on two arms. We will focus on specific warm-up exercises and proper physical conditioning to prepare the body for this practice. We will work on alignment, technical positions and active flexibility to facilitate practice, prevent injuries, and achieve technical progress. Depending on each individual’s level, we will work on two-arm shapes, transitions, exploration of two-arm variations, resistances, and tips for effective autonomous training, etc. For those who are ready, we will begin progressive exercises to start to work on one-arm. And for those who already have mastery of balancing on one hand, we will work on different shapes and transitions on one arm.

Both days: 75€ Early Bird, 105€ regular price, 130€ at the door
Early Bird phase ends 1 month prior to workshop.