Creating and Improvising Juggling – Guillermo Leon

Juggling workshop with Guillermo Leon
12-14 July, 2019
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

Minimum level: basic juggling knowledge, 3 balls cascade, basic body awareness

Every prop is welcome!

This workshop is directed to jugglers, dancers and every artist interested in object manipulation, movement and improvisation.
During the workshop we will work on improvisation exercises with and without objects, learning to adapt the body with its natural movement.

We will do :
– Exercises for performing juggling, how to be on stage, how to look at the audience, use the music, be yourself, not hide behind your props and your tricks.
– Individual and group compositions based in the improvisations.
– Routine creations, how to pass from one trick to another, how to use the space, make rhythm changes, stops, going to the floor, musicality and repertory of each student.

We will make an improv jam based in concepts of passing through by David Zambrano but with objects. In this jam the idea is to mix all the objects and people, people cross each other in their own trip and flow, and we use all the concepts learned during the workshop.
We will also do some improvisations based in theater and character work with props.

Juggling technique: briefly we will go through some of the main exercises to get a better juggling technique – posture, perfect throws, different positions, tricks and heights.

Places: 15
Times: Friday: 18.00-21.00h, Saturday and Sunday: 11.00-14.00h
Price – Early bird: 65€ Regular price: 80€
On the door: 95€

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Guillermo Leon
Guillermo Leon started doing circus in 2005. He graduated from Bordeaux preparatory school in 2010 and Codarts Circus Arts in Rotterdam 2014.

Specialised in Juggling and minoring in hand to hand.
Has done workshops with teachers like Roberto Olivan, David Zambrano, Rootless Root, Sidi Larbi, Ultima vez, Stefan Sing, Gandini juggling, Mikel Ayala, Luke Wilson and some others.
Has worked with different companies like Cirque du Soleil (Canada) Cirko de Mente (Mexico), Cirquegebouw (Holland, Lithuania) Proyecto Crece (Spain) GOP (Germany) Kabaret Kalashnikov (Germany)
Has been teaching at many different circus schools, circus festivals and conventions.

Has performed in circus festivals like (Auch, France), Brocante (Frisanco, Italy) Naujo Cirko (Vilnus, Lituania), Aurillac (France), Deltebre Dansa (Catalunya, Spain), Gala EJC (Lublin, Polland) Gala BJC (Yorkshire, England) Circo Circolo (Brabant, Holland), Circusstad (Rotterdam, Holland), (Oerol, Holland) Cirkonvencion Mexicana (Mexico) Ficho (Mexico) Gala EJC (Almere, Holland), Completement Cirque (Montreal, Canada)