Movement Consciousness and the Language of Objects – Benjamin Richter

Five days of movement and juggling with Benjamin Richter
30 March – 3 April, 2020
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

If the object could move by itself, how would it move?

How does this object – my body – want to move?
How can my body communicate with the other objects?
How can this dialogue create choreography and instant composition?

Intuition and the analytical mind will work side by side in finding answers to the above questions and many others that we find along the way.

Using the TLO methodology, we will take objects not specifically designed for juggling and explore their potential as catalysts for movement, expression and creation. We begin each day with a somatic exploration and expand this simple awareness into the space and the objects around us.

Every piece of work you make has it’s own rules and conventions. If we let go of fixed ideas about how a performance “should be” our work can become more honest, personal and deep. Simplicity is strongest.

The workshop is open to any kind of performing artist with an interest in working with objects.

Places: 20
Times: Monday to Friday: 10.00-12.30h / 14.00-16.30h
Price: Early bird: 250 – Regular price: 300

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Benjamin Richter has been juggling, dancing, performing and teaching professionally since 1991. He has toured world wide with Gandini Juggling, Cirkus Cirkör, Cirqu’Oui, PlatzRegen and countless other ensemble and solo projects.

He trained, and continues to train, with many leading teachers of circus, dance, clown and theatre. He has studied many somatic and movement practices including Feldenkreis, Alexander, Yoga, Shiatsu, Klein technique and Body-Mind Centring. Since 2002 he is a regular guest lecturer and mentor at DOCH in Stockholm and teaches workshops throughout Europe.

Benjamin has a strong interest in the complementary aspects of academic study and artistic expression. His personal artistic research TLO is concerned with object oriented ontology and the use of objects as a catalyst and tool in pedagogical, creative and performance contexts.

Benjamin directed “Stehfleisch & Sitzvermögen” by german company “Spot the Drop” and co-directed “The Moon Illusion” by award winning Danish company “Rapid Eye”. He directed Wes Peden’s solo piece Zebra, Company Maleta’s new production “Tunnel” and was a consultant for John-Paul Zaccarini’s latest work “Head”.

TAKTiL from Benjamin Richter on Vimeo.