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Please use the link below to see if a studio is free when you need it, and then get in touch with our office team by email to confirm your booking (office@katapult.berlin). If you take part in the Kultur Räume Kontingente program to rent one of our studios for 5 euros per hour, please mention this in your email. Please be aware that these subsidized hours are limited and only available for professional artists registered in Berlin. The contingent for the months March-June are already used up. We only have a few hours with the subsidized rate left for the months from July onwards.

What looks like a booking in our calendar might only be an unconfirmed reservation, so please feel free to give us a call or write us an email to double check. The current booking in April from 00:00-00:00 is a big production with a 24-hours booking, which means Studio 2 is not available until 1st of May.

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