Linking our Juggling to our Depths

A weekend of juggling and contemplation with Joseph Viatte
17-19 September, 2021
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

There are just so many things to do in a life… so many methods, practices and techniques, so many exercises “to be done every day”, so many paths, each so beautiful. Especially today, with them all available in our pockets at the swipe of a finger, it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities, Continue reading “Linking our Juggling to our Depths”

Deep Juggling

5 days of juggling with Stefan Sing
20-24 September, 2021
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

Beside the technical work to connect our bodies with the objects in the outside (organic juggling),
the focus will be the exploration of a metaphorical way of our juggling. juggling is communication,
juggling is a language, juggling is readable – juggling is more than juggling. Continue reading “Deep Juggling”

Your Creative Space 5.0

3 days of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique with Anna-Katharina Andrees
15-17 October, 2021
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

Discover your own thinking and feeling in an artistic context. Whether it concerns your creation, your training, your research or your life – there is always something to discover.

I invite you on another journey with the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique to find out together how this method can support us in artistic processes and expand our view. An acting method in which you learn not to act, but to experience the moment completely. Continue reading “Your Creative Space 5.0”


Two days of movement with Antoni Androulakis
30-31 October, 2021
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

Having composed & decomposed my floor work practice over the past 9 years, this workshop follows up my ongoing research to develop tools that enable movement artists to expand their physicality. It will include a physical preparation which consists of a mix of mobility exercises, making our bodies ready to incorporate new information in a sustainable way. Continue reading “Fluxness”