Open Training

During open training hours, Katapult members can come by and share the training space with other artists. The open training hours will vary from day to day and take place alternating in both studios – Studio 1 (soft floor) & Studio 2 (rigging/aerial possibility). You can use this contemporary circus and performance space to rehearse and train any discipline. Please bring your own prop and work material.

How to become a Katapult member?

Everyone has to become a member before training the first time at Katapult. The annual membership fee costs 10€ and includes the first day of training. You can become a member within a few minutes by following the steps below. This process is compulsory for any new member. Once you have bought the membership and sent the signed contract, you can use the space during open training hours. ON SITE: When arriving the first time at Katapult, ask for the volunteers or office team and get introduced to the space and house rules.

To become a member:

  • Buy the annual membership online
  • Download the membership contract
  • read & sign the contract
  • send via email to:

    Alternatively you can fill out the membership contract in paper on site. Ask the volunteers or office team for help.

OPEN TRAINING for members

After you have become a member, you pay 7 Euro per session (please bring in Cash when you come to train). Alternatively you can get an Urban Sports membership and check in at Katapult or pay 50€ for 10 sessions. This 10 times pass is valid 4 months from the purchase date and can be paid in Cash on site or bought via direct transfer to avoid bank transfer fees (scan the QR-code below).

General Information
How Does Open Training At Katapult Work?

Before You Come:
– Check the calendar for availability and be aware of the Studio names and availability. Aerial rigging is only possible in Studio 2.
– We post the available open training times always two weeks in advance.
– You can purchase a 10-times card online or just show up without pre-registering. We still offer the old system, with paying on arrival in cash. We also accept Urban Sports Club members and they can pay via checking in.
– Be aware that everyone needs to bring their own working equipment. Katapult does not provide pulley systems or carabiner, we only provide the certified rigging points and a ladder.

During Training:
Once you are here, you can stay as few or many hours you want, within the timeframe published in the online calendar.
Please be aware that we have a limited amount of rigging possibilities. These cannot be reserved beforehand. All the artists present in the space need to accommodate each other’s needs and share the space in a respectful way.

After training:
Take everything with you or use our storage space (forms and rates are available at the entrance to Katapult). Please clear the space and put everything back where you found it, before you leave. Help to keep the space clean and tidy. The space should be left as clean or cleaner than you found it.

House Rules
The full house rules are available for reference in the entry area, and from the office. The basics are outlined below:

  • No outdoor shoes on the dance floor
  • No animals in the space (only service dogs allowed on the carpet in the entrance)
  • No smoking inside
  • No fire inside
  • No alcohol in the space before 5pm
  • No aerial while alone in the space
  • The space should be left as clean or cleaner than it is found
  • No food except in the kitchen and chill out space

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