We aim to offer Berlin artists the best space possible for training, including internet, co-working options and more.

Annual Membership
15€ Annual membership fee for administration
Open Training Rates
Annual Membership plus
6€ per day + 1 euro per session with usage of aerial rig
25€ per week
75€ per month
375€ per 6 months
550€ per year

Opening Hours

Katapult aims to be open from 10am until 10pm, Monday-Friday. However, as the team currently works on a volunteer basis, you are responsible for ensuring that the space is open for training when you wish to visit. Please check the Calendar or our Facebook page for latest updates.

New Members

If you train at Katapult for the first time, please register as a member first. This includes signing the membership contract, being introduced to the space and its house rules and paying the annual membership fee of 15 Euro. This process is compulsory for any new member.

Aerial Space

The usage of the aerial rig costs 1 Euro per day on top of the above mentioned training prices. There are four rigging points that can be used simultaneously. For the first period we will work without a signup system, while we develop an online solution.

Pay before you train

We rely on the membership payments to cover our rent, so payment is always required in advance of training. Mostly, we work on an honesty system. However, periodic checks will be carried out, and anyone found to be training without having paid may be banned from using the space.

House Rules

The full house rules are available for reference in the entry area, and from the office. The basics are outlined below.

  • No outdoor shoes on the dance floor
  • No animals in the space
  • No smoking inside
  • No fire inside
  • No alcohol in the space before 5pm
  • No aerial while alone in the space
  • The space should be left as clean or cleaner than it is found
  • No food except in the kitchen and chillout space

Usage of the open training space

From time to time (once – twice a month), we may close the space in order to use it for other interesting artistic things, so there won’t always be open training in the big room. We will do our best to shift the open training to the smaller room when this happens, if it is available. We will let you know as much in advance as we are able to.