Katapult is available for rental as a venue for events, filming or private rehearsal.

Studio 1: 150sqm

Mixer: Yamaha MG-06
Speakers: dB Technologies B-Hype 10

Studio 2: 240sqm

Stage Sound – Studio 2:
Mixer: Mackie CR1604
Main speakers: LD Systems RM 102
Subwoofers: Zeck LF 18.600
Back subwoofers: Audio Centron CE-18S

Lights – Studio 2:
4x Justin JM-LED Flat Strike 7 (70W)
12x Cameo CLP 64 RGB 10 BS PAR (30W) (8 rigged around the stage)
3x Eurolite TMH-46 (45W)
1x Cameo Thunder Wash 100 RGB (30W)

Floor Plan

Light Plan

Rigging Plan

Please contact us for more information, availability and rates.

Photos © Joakim & Thomas Johansson, Laurin Gutwin

Studio 1 – 360° view

Studio 2 – 360° view

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