Residencies – COVID-19 restrictions

We have permission to host residencies while following the recommended guidelines:

  • Maximum 15 people in the studio at one time.
  • Keep 1,5 meters distance from other people.
  • Wash your hands with soap for 30 seconds before and after visiting Katapult.


    • Katapult will be cleaned every day.
    • Floors will be cleaned every day.
    • All door handles will be cleaned with disinfectant spray on a regular basis.

Both studios will be aired out every day.

Do not visit Katapult, if you have:

  • Symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • Have travelled to a Covid-19 affected area in the last 14 days.
  • Contact with a person with suspicion of Coronavirus.

Katapult is available for artistic residencies in contemporary performance art disciplines of all kinds. Our goal is to push the boundaries of any genre through interdisciplinary collaboration, so we highly encourage applicants to demonstrate how they work with others, be it performing artists, musicians, technicians, directors, outside eyes, or something else. Should you require it, we can also help you find such people.


Katapult is a fully independent organisation run by artists, for artists. All the project team give their time on a voluntary basis in order to keep costs as low as possible, but we still have rent and various administration costs to cover. As such, all residencies do come at some initial cost to the artists involved, although we have various methods available for reducing this cost.

Please contact us for further information or apply directly through our residency application form.

Residency – Studios and Rates

Please note – these rates are subsidised by the other activity at Katapult (workshops, events and daily training), because we believe artists should pay as little as possible to create. If you are applying for funding to cover the cost of your residency, please speak to us so that we can provide you with the real costs of the space, which are somewhat higher.

Studio 1 (150m², dance marley on acrobatic matting)

Studio 2 (170m², aerial rig, dance marley on solid floor)

Ground-based Residency

600€ per week (Monday-Friday, 8am-6pm) during COVID restrictions
800€ per week (Monday-Friday 24h exclusive access until Friday 6pm)*
150€ per day (Saturday/Sunday)

Aerial Residency

600€ per week (Monday-Friday, 8am-1pm in Studio 2) (Monday-Friday, 1pm-6pm in Studio 1)*
50€ per hour(Saturday/Sunday)*
*upon availability and agreement

There are several ways to reduce the costs:

Be resident in Berlin
You pay 200€ per week

  • We successfully applied for a continuation of the Bestands Optimierungs Programm (BOP) from the Berlin Senat für Kultur und Europa.
  • As such, artists with Berlin anmeldung (who also fulfil several other criteria) are able to rent creation space at the lowest rate we offer.
  • Contact Farhad for more details.

Share your residency with someone

  • Use the space for half the day, pay half the price. It is the responsibility of the two artist groups to arrange sharing the space. We suggest working times of 8am to 1pm and 1pm until 6pm.
  • You are responsible for finding someone to share with you. We can help by asking around our networks and posting on our social media.

Make a work in progress showing
You pay 300€ per week (Mon-Fri), proceeds from the showing are shared with you. NB: not available during COVID restrictions.

  • On the Saturday night of your residency week, we help you to organise a work in progress showing with a donation-based entry
  • Rehearsing and stage set-up starts Saturday 6pm, because we close open training.
  • We ask you to provide us with photo and video material and also to promote the event on social media

Studio 1 (floor-related creations):

A full week residency at Katapult starts Monday at 8am and ends Friday at 6pm. Residents are given full access to the 150m² creation space, chill-out area, co-working space and toilets between 8am and 6pm.

The hours between 6pm and 10pm are reserved for weekly classes, according to the Katapult schedule. If there are no weekly classes, you will also have the space for this time. Please be aware that the space should be clear for the weekly classes, but you will be able to leave your equipment in a corner where it will not be touched.

Should you wish to return to use the space again after 10pm, you are more than welcome to do so.

In case you have a bigger stage set up which cannot be taken down daily and therefore does not allow our regular classes to take place, we need to know in advance and the price for the 24h full access applies.

Studio 2 (aerial-related creations):

A full week residency at Katapult starts in Studio 2 on Monday from 8am to 1pm, and continues in Studio 1 from 1pm to 6pm. Residents are given full access to the 170m² creation space, chill-out area and toilets between 8am and 1pm each day, and for the second half of the day are required to move to Studio 1. The hours between 1pm and 10pm are booked for open training in Studio 2.

Please be aware that the space should be clear and aerial apparatus taken down, so that other people have space to train. An exclusive 24h access to Studio 2 cannot be provided. Please be aware that toilets and the bar are within Studio 2 (curtain separation) and other artists training in the space will have access to these areas. This means that between 10am and 1pm privacy is not 100% given, as people may be passing to visit the bar or the toilets.

Deposit/Booking Confirmation

Your residency period is confirmed once we have received your deposit. As we have to pay our rent on time, our booking system requires payment in full before a residency period is confirmed. Please check during your application if there are other artists interested in the same time period. Maybe this can also help you find someone to share a week with.

House Rules

  • No outdoor shoes on the dance floor
  • No animals in the space
  • No smoking inside
  • No fire inside
  • No alcohol in the space before 5pm
  • No aerial while alone in the space
  • The space should be left as clean or cleaner than it is found
  • If you are the only one in the space, you are responsible for locking all exits before you leave


We ask that you include the Katapult logo in any support references that you have. As we offer a non-exclusive way for artists to self-fund their own work, and we share the risks of the project alongside them, we feel that it is fair to request this, and it would be very helpful for any future funding applications we might make.


You are responsible for finding your own accommodation in Berlin during your visit. If you have no personal contacts here, we would advise posting in the Berlin Performing Artists Connected group on Facebook saying that you will be in residency at Katapult.

Open Training and Noise

The second studio at Katapult is used for open training. There is sound insulation between the two spaces, but if you need quiet, do not hesitate to ask for it. In general, you are likely to have more quiet time in the morning than in the evening.

Clearance of space

We run regular classes, shows and events in both studios. We ask for the space to be cleared very punctually, in order to set up for the next event.

Work-in-progress showing

If you have a work-in-progress showing alongside your residency, we’ll help to organise everything related to it. Please be aware that everyone working during these nights (entrance, bar staff, technician) are volunteers. Please show them respect at all times!

Rehearsal and stage set up can start at Saturday 6pm. Get in contact with Sylvain as soon as the residency and showing is confirmed. Provide photos and video material for promotion. Katapult helps with promotion, but we also require you to do some of your own.

Cancellation Policy

Up to one month before the residency starts, 50% money back. Less than one month before the residency starts, no money back. If the space is taken by someone else, you will always get your money back. We never charge twice.

Contact us directly for further information or apply through our residency application form.