Katapult is available for artistic residencies in contemporary performance art disciplines of all kinds. Our goal is to push the boundaries of any genre through interdisciplinary collaboration, so we highly encourage applicants to demonstrate how they work with others, be it performing artists, musicians, technicians, directors, outside eyes, or something else. Should you require it, we can also help you find such people.


Katapult is a fully independent organisation run by artists, for artists. All the project team give their time on a voluntary basis in order to keep costs as low as possible, but we still have rent and various administration costs to cover. As such, all residencies do come at some initial cost to the artists involved, which we aim to recover through the resulting performance.

Residencies take place in Studio 1 – small room – between 8am and 6pm.

Please contact us for further information or apply directly through our residency application form.

Residency rates
600€ per week (Monday-Friday)
125€ per day (Saturday/Sunday)

There are several ways to reduce the costs:

  • Share your residency with someone – you pay 300€ per week each
    • Use the space for half the day, pay half the price. It is the responsibility of the two artist groups to arrange sharing the space.
  • Make a work in progress showing – you pay 600€ per week (Mon-Fri)
    • On the Saturday night of your residency week, we help you to organise a work in progress showing with a donation-based entry
    • All income is split directly between the artists performing (50%) and Katapult (50%)
    • We ask you to promote the event on social media and provide us with photo and video material 
  • Apply for BOP funding through us – you pay 300€ per week
    • Berlin based artists only
    • Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa covers the rest of the Katapult costs
    • This option can also be shared with another Berlin based artist, in which case each artist group pays 150€ per week.

Contact us directly for further information or apply through our residency application form.