Notes on Creation


Over 30 artists share their thoughts, insights and opinions around the creative process as it relates to contemporary performing arts.

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Notes on Creation is a collection of thoughts and advice on the creative process, gathered from the minds of a diverse range of artists from contemporary circus and performing arts: thinkers, makers, movers, teachers, performers, academics, clowns, choreographers, directors, producers and more.

Oli Pinchbeck and Declan Mee interviewed more than 30 artists on a wide range of subjects related to contemporary performing arts – subjects covered include: Research, Inspiration, Music, Directing, Nudity, Group Work, Dramaturgy, Life As An Artist, Teaching and many more.

The book is presented subject-by-subject and question-by-question, with the artists’ contributions displayed in a bite-sized and conversational style. Easy to dip in to just for inspiration, to dive into a specific topic, or to sit down and read from cover to cover.



Cox Ahlers
Anna-Katharina Andrees
Mikel Ayala
Joanna Bassi
Laure Caillat
Lucas Castelo Branco
Elisabeth Clarke-Hasters
Ricardo De Paula
Nata Galkina
Dave Grossmann
Firenza Guidi
Peta Lily
Sebastian Kann
Elena Kreusch
Maksim Komaro
Eric Longequel
M.P.A.C. (Mighty Performing Arts Collective)
Etienne Manceau
Romain Marguaritte
Guillaume Martinet
Laura Murphy
Denis Paumier
Natalie Reckert
Benjamin Richter
Matthias Romir
Alexander Vantournhout
Sabine Van Rensburg

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