Terms and Conditions

Cancellation policy

As a self-run, self-funded project, Katapult relies directly on the income from workshops and residencies to pay the rent. Additionally, our goal with the project is to see that as many people as possible get to use the space. Cancellations and no-shows both threaten the future of the project as a whole, and also deny other artists the chance to learn and create. Due to previous cancellations/no-shows, we have tightened our refund policy in order to ensure the continuation of the project.

Requests for cancellation MUST be sent to: office@katapult.berlin otherwise they may not be processed.

Workshops (Students)
A full refund will be offered on any cancellation of a workshop up to 4 weeks before the start of the workshop. A 50% refund will be offered up to 2 weeks before the beginning of the workshop. Cancellations with less than 2 weeks’ notice will not be offered a refund.

COVID Cancellation

Should any workshop be cancelled due to the regulations changing in Berlin, participants will receive a full refund.

Should travel restrictions from your point of origin mean you are unable to attend a workshop, regular cancellations timelines apply as described in the paragraph above titled “Workshops (students)”.

Should the workshop fill completely, meaning a cancelled spot is therefore filled by someone else, a full refund will always be given.

Early-bird registration period
Early-bird registration finishes one month before the workshop starts, or as soon as the workshop is fully booked, whichever date is earlier.

You will not be able to take part in a workshop until the full workshop fee has been paid to the Katapult bank account.

Residencies and external events
Your booking of the space at Katapult is confirmed upon receipt of 50% of the rental fee to our bank account. This deposit is non-refundable and your residency period will be entered into our public calendar. The full rental fee must be paid two weeks before the residency period takes place, or we reserve the right to offer the space for other artists to use.

Irish Circus – EJC2014 funding award

We aim to be as fair as possible with the award from the EJC2014, and distribute the funding to as many artists as possible.

1. Applicants must be Irish, or currently resident in Ireland.
2. Priority will be given to anyone who has not previously received support from Katapult (In other words, if you apply for three workshops, you are likely to receive only one).
3. A limited number of places will be available for each workshop (so that we don’t end up with an Irish-only workshop, although that would be great craic, no doubt).