Andre Hidalgo – London Workshop – December 5th-7th 2014


This workshop will be about waves and slow motion and how to eventually be aware of extra objects like balls, clubs, hoop etc.

The days will be punctuated by short or long, group or solo impro allowing the student to critique the technique of both others and themselves in terms of what they see, where are the mistakes and how someone manages their weight. Developing tools for analysis and self-analysis is very important to improve in any discipline.

Improvisation and experimentations are also very important to unleash imagination and creativity. In any practice if you want to be creative, you have at one moment to stop judging and just do, even if it seems like what you are doing makes no sense.

There will be fun exercises and ergonomic stretching.

Day 1
We will work on the basics of waves:

  • Curves
    Leading points

Then how to occupy and travel in space using these techniques, exercise you surrounding awareness (space, music, people, time)

Day 2
We will explore body waves more deeply, adding new variables:

  • Speed control:
    Normal speed
    Extreme speed
    Mixing speeds to create rhythms

Introducing the effect involving speed control awareness present in animation (slow mo, robot, etc…) or contact juggling and object manipulation.

Mixing different styles of waves (curves, isolations, leading points) with speed control.

Day 3
Basic theory of graphic object manipulation, drawing lines, isolations, spinning and tossing.

Awareness of the object, its specificity, the shape it has. What happens to your body when you hold it, when you don’t, when it falls, when you decide to drop it. All types of interactions you can have with one or many objects.

How to use an object in coherence with your motion and the dynamics you apply on it.

Booking Information
5-6 hours a day, in a private studio in East London. The workshop will run from around 10am until 6pm with breaks and lunchtime.

Early-bird registration will be £120 (152€ at time of writing), the price on the door will be £150. Payment can be made in person in cash or by bank transfer.

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended, but not compulsory

20 places. First-come, first-served. Pre-registration will close on November 21st.

For more information and to book please contact Oli at

Spinning@ Christmas Party
The Saturday night (6th) is also the London Juggling Christmas Party, which will be a really fun night. Tickets are £10, so if you would like to come we can reserve you a ticket.

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