Harmonic Throws Method

A weekend of juggling theory and practise with Jonathan Lardillier
10am to 4pm, 19-20 May, 2018

The purpose of this method is to help jugglers to progress technically in a fun and enjoyable way based on a strong sense of musicality. It develops the ability to play with other jugglers, but also with other disciplines working with beats, such as musicians or dancers. It also helps to better understand the fundamentals of juggling. It combines learning, creativity and pleasure.

The method studies juggling based on scores of real routines, with their own flows and emotional intentions. These intentions are good motivation to start new moves or coming back to basics.

Technical points are viewed step by step and inserted directly into the score, at which point these technical points become emotional tools and no longer just tricks.

The method is based on the “three-layer notation”. This system describes the throws, the trajectories around the body and the body in space, all on the same temporal grid.
The practice of this notation allows to one to note most juggling movements in a simple, intuitive and complete manner. It also allows the development of a repertoire accessible to all.

Teaching direction

1/ Juggling rhythm introduction
We play with one and two balls exercises based on 4 beat loops to practice and understand basics.

2/ Practicing partitions
We learn and juggle basic and medium level to challenge skills and the capacity to follow rythms.

3/ Reading and writing partitions
We introduce the base of the “three-layer notation” to be able to juggle partitions by reading them, then we start to write a new one.

4/ Create and play
At the end, we build a full 3-5 minute juggling routine for the whole group.

Examples (Video)
Courant d’air

Uptown Funk

Level: Open to all
Places: 15
Price – Early bird: 75€ On the door: 100€

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Early-bird deadline: April 20th.

Teacher presentation

Jonathan Lardillier is a graduate of the Fratellini Academy and a medalist at the 2012 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain. He defends juggling as a major circus art through several juggling shows, notably with the company of “Les objets volants”. He supports the juggling community by regularly posting videos and theory articles on various forums and websites dedicated to the discipline. He teaches regularly at Fratellini Academy, CIAM and CNAC.

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