Balance in Challenge – 19 – 25 May 2014

A workshop in applied Alexander Techniquewith Peter Sweet and Jeanine Ebnother Trott

This is a highly personalized workshop. You will have the opportunity to develop a rich understanding of your own movement patterns and acquire a set of tools for reducing tension in any activity. In three one-on-one Alexander Technique lessons, we will work with you on improving focus, equilibrium and the ability to stay present. Throughout the 18 hours of group class we will provide situations that allow you to test your own limits, step out of your comfort zones and see how you react to a variety of challenges. Exploring simple exercises from physical theater, martial arts, dance and juggling (no previous experience required) we will observe how a heightened sense of ease can help us learn skills, interact with other people and connect with an audience.

To conclude the workshop, you will be encouraged to apply the tools that you have studied throughout the week to an activity of your choice, be it your stage act, a skill or even something as simple as sweeping the floor or riding a bicycle.

Monday 19th – Thursday 22nd – 1-to-1 Alexander Technique classes
Thursday 22nd – Sunday 25th – Group work

This workshop is given at a special introductory price to celebrate the beginning of the Katapult workshop schedule. Places are limited to 12 and are allotted strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis. The non-member workshop price includes registration and 7 full day training tickets at the Katakomben.

Price: 135€ + (45€ for non-Katakomben members)

For any questions or issues, please email

The Teachers

Peter Sweet - Balance in ChallengePeter Sweet (

With an insatiable drive for expanding knowledge of movement and performance, Peter Sweet has completed more than 10 years of full time training in the arts. He teaches workshops, directs shows, and performs all over the world. His solo circus-show “Meet Pete Sweet”, on tour since 2000, has played in festivals, circuses and theaters in more than 20 countries. Both his success and his delight in performing have been fuelled by his willingness to pour his heart out in every show (He also trains a heck of a lot).

Sweet studied physical theater at the Helikos International School of Theater Creation in Florence, Italy; Contemporary and Classical dance at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg, Austria; circus at Ecole du Cirque Zofy in Sion, Switzerland; is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, and has been practicing Tai Chi since 1998.

In his free time he drinks fine Chinese tea, plays the Glockenspiel, and watches Muppett show re-runs.

Jeanine Ebnother TrottJeanine Ebnother Trott (

Jeanine grew up in Switzerland, climbing trees, playing Judo and teaching herself to ride a unicycle. Her love for circus brought her to the ESAC National Circus school in Brussels, Belgium where she trained for 4 years. After graduating Jeanine toured across Europe, India and Australia performing several acts including her Solo act ‘Balledanse.’

In 2010, she founded the ‘Aromatic Company’ with saxophonist Caleb Trott. Together they create pieces that combine music, dance, physical theatre, and circus.

Always exited about discovering new things and expanding the ‘playground’, Jeanine has been taking dance and juggling workshops with many teachers (Roberto Olivan, Ivan Wolfe, Julyan Hamilton, Stefan Sing, Ryan Mellors, Remi Laroussinie, Jean-Daniel Fricker, Viktor Kee etc.)  and co-organized the three International Ministry of Manipulation workshops.

She taught contact juggling and movement exploration at circus festivals and has previously been invited as a guest teacher at Fontys Academy of Circus and Performing Arts in Tilburg and at the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne.

In 2013, Jeanine completed the 3 year training to become a certified teacher of the F.M. Alexander Technique and uses this new tool to improve movement quality, accelerate learning and increase health.

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