January Residency – Anni Küpper / Kaaos Kaamos

From January 23-28, we are delighted to announce our first shared residency, with Anni Küpper and Kaaos Kaamos.

The Results of Residency showing will take place at Katapult at 7.30pm on the evening of the 28th of January.

Anni Küpper

The focus of the first half of the residency will be on partner research between the club jugglers Anni Küpper and Malte Peter. The research will be centered around translating and broadening club manipulation to duo work. The aim is to create short duo routines that can serve as a basis for further residencies in order to create a duo act.
In the other half Anni will focus on additional research and dramaturgic refinement of parts of her Solo-Show “Tales of mere existence”. Results of this second half will be presented at the final showing.

Trailer – Anni Küpper

Kaaos Kaamos

We are Kaaos Kaamos, a new born hand to hand collective consisting of 6 artists from all over the world. Our work dives into the individual and how one can place him/her self in a group. How do we find our place? how can we achieve a certain status?
January is the beginning of the second phase of creation. So we will concentrate less on the circus skill and more on how we can shape it into our own style. We want to use circus technique to express ourselves.
We will explore the line between circus and theatre. Where does circus stop… Can circus and theatre be on stage together simultaneously without simply shifting between the two?

Trailer – Kaaos Kaamos

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