Katapult – The Next Level

We are pleased to announce that this week we received the keys to our new training space in Berlin – 109 Beilsteinerstrasse 12681 (S7/S75 Springpfuhl). 200sqm in one square room, 6-8m high ceiling with a Harlequin dance marley floor (internal photos to follow).

After three years of organising workshops in other people’s spaces, we decided to take the leap and get our own. Renovations are currently in progress, and we have an expected opening date of September 24th, 2016.

We will be going full power, right from the start – our calendar is nearly fully booked until Christmas with an awesome lineup of workshops, residencies and showings. Here’s the calendar as it stands now:

28 Sept – 2 Oct: Clown with Pete Sweet
3 Oct – 14 Oct: Critical Mess Residency
14 & 15 Oct: Critical Mess showing (evening showings)
17 – 22 Oct: Windstyle with Aragorn Boulanger
24 – 28 Oct: Juggling with Morgan Cosquer
11 – 13 Nov: Hoop Intensive with Gail O’Brien
21 – 25 Nov: Under the Ball with Van-Kim Tran and Cyrille Humen
15 – 20 Dec: Juggling with Mikel Ayala

Booking is now open for all of the workshops listed above – click through to the individual event pages for more details.

Contact us if you are interested in running a workshop, hosting a residency or indeed have any other proposal for use of the space that you think would be of interest to us – we would be very happy to hear from you. In the short term, if you want to shoot a video in an empty warehouse, you have until about September 17th to let us know!

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