Sakari Mannistö – 22-24 January 2016 – Berlin Workshop

Sakari is a juggler, a circus artist and artistic director and founder of Agit-Cirk. Sakari concentrates his work in finding his own style of performance and performing of alternative styles of circus arts. He has performed with his own productions at festivals and in various events both in Finland and abroad. He has become an iconic Finnish juggler. Continue reading “Sakari Mannistö – 22-24 January 2016 – Berlin Workshop”

Mikel Ayala – January 8-10, 2016 – Berlin Workshop – SOLD OUT

Mikel has spent 15 years studying the relationship between object, juggler and scene. He has trained at: Circomedia (Bristol), Carampa (Madrid) and Lido (Toulouse), being taught by jugglers such as Rod Laver, Haggis McLeod, Sam Veale, Donald Grant, Luke Wilson, Sean Gandini, Walid El Yafi, Churun, Viktor Kee, Stefan Sing, Maksim Komaro, Sylvain Cousin, Jive Faury, Morgan Cosquer, Etienne Manceau, Iris. Later, he studied a different approach to objects from Philippe Genty: “théâtre d’objet” working with materials, puppets, scenography. Continue reading “Mikel Ayala – January 8-10, 2016 – Berlin Workshop – SOLD OUT”

Andre Hidalgo – London Workshop – December 5th-7th 2014


This workshop will be about waves and slow motion and how to eventually be aware of extra objects like balls, clubs, hoop etc.

The days will be punctuated by short or long, group or solo impro allowing the student to critique the technique of both others and themselves in terms of what they see, where are the mistakes and how someone manages their weight. Developing tools for analysis and self-analysis is very important to improve in any discipline.
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