Creative Simplicity

Three days of developing material with Peter Sweet
27 (evening), 28 & 29 October 2017

What if all of the ideas that you will ever need are already present in your movement?

What happens when you clear away the extra noise and invest yourself completely in each action?

In this workshop we will practice the fine art of listening to what we already have and developing it to its fullest potential.

When a rocket flies high enough, it breaks through the atmosphere and enters a new space, where familiar rules fall away. This creation workshop for jugglers, dancers, physical actors and circus artists will teach you tools for developing dynamic material for numbers, shows, pieces or your own pleasure.

Through training in articulation, stillness and projection-in-space, we will work to clarify your movement so that both you and your audience feel its impact in your guts. From this point of clarity, we will identify the most potent themes in your work. We will intensify and expand these themes, exploring variations that bring them to their peak.

You will learn to build momentum with your work and move towards that place where the space changes and it becomes possible to go far beyond what you know. A series of movements or tricks can make the leap to becoming a whole that is greater than its parts, a piece that pulls you into its world and leaves you different than when you began.

Places: 15
Price – Early bird: 95€ Regular: 125€
On-the-door: 145€

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About Peter:

Peter Sweet has been working professionally as a circus artist, theater creator, teacher and director since 2000. He is a guest teacher at DOCH University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sweden, The Zurich University of the Arts in Zurich, Switzerland and has coached or directed such companies as “Critical Mess” with Stefan Sing, “Play Nice” with Ariana and Roxana and “19 Reasons” with Jeanine Ebnöther Trott (J9).

Peter has trained deeply and broadly in Circus, Physical Theater, dance, Wutao breath work and the Alexander Technique. He has completed more than 10 years of education in the arts, studying full-time at Helikos: International School of Theater Creation in Florence Italy, The Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in Salzburg, Austria, Ecole du Cirque Zofy in Sion, Switzerland and the Tao Centre in Paris, France.

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