DANCING LIGHTS. Analogue-digital light setups for dance

A practical workshop from visions to Tech Rider by Visual Designer & Dancer Teo Vlad

The workshop is a hands-on exchange about the ups and downs of the technical realisation of creative dance visions with analogue home remedies to moving lights and complex projection technology – in a few steps.

In the studio, bodies move on their own. On stage they are caught and made visible by an invisible team. The first hurdle is often communication between artists and technicians. How do I describe my vision, how do I adapt my production for small and large productions or venues? Do I need technical help for everything or what can I do myself?
We have a look at the costs for the lights for writing a financial plan and the creative handling of light equipment of a venue.

Light is not only for visibility, but also for expression and communication. So we wanna discuss: How do I understand the body in space, how do I move it in relation to light and darkness? What details of the choreography do the technicians need to know? How does light change my decisions about content?

Teo Vlad (*in Romania) trained at Edinburgh College of Art (UK), is a freelance dancer/performer, light-, image- and sound designer for theatre and film, works with intermedia installations and site-specific performances, directs experimental projects in the field of ‘Expanded Cinema’ and audio-visual movement art.

This workshop is part of “Production & Management 3”, a project which is funded by the European Social Fund and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

The participation is free of charge.

Venue: Katapult, Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin
Info: senecaintensiv.de
Registration: kontakt@senecaintensiv.de

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