Kultur Räume Kontingente: Rent Katapult for 5 euro per hour

Katapult is now part of Kultur Räume Kontingente. This new program offers artists the opportunity to rent our rehearsal rooms at subsidized conditions.
Simply register on the Kultur Raum Berlin website and you will receive a confirmation of participation. With this you can book one of our two studios and pay only 5 € per room and hour. We may allocate up to 120 hours per month as part of the program. This contingent is limited to maximum 40 hours per month and person or group. We prefer bookings of 4 hours per day as a minimum.

To be able to benefit from this program you have to be a professional artist who is registered in Berlin. Enrolled students and international artists cannot take part in this program.
Within this program our studios can only be used for rehearsals and creations. Please be aware that workshops and classes, events with audience or non-art related projects.
You can find more information on the Kultur Räume Kontingente website.

Please mention that you are registered for Kultur Räume Kontingente when you want to make your booking with us to receive this special deal. To save some time, please check the availability in our online calendar beforehand.

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