A Holistic Approach to Object Manipulation – André Hidalgo, Joseph Viatte

Five days of juggling, dance and movement with André Hidalgo and Joseph Viatte
16-20 October, 2019
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

We’ve always loved looking for what is in common between separate things. How deep must we go to find something essential enough that it unites them?

The more we pay attention to the essence of things, and physically acknowledge it, the better we live. Because while things come and go, the essence remains… What is in common with all of existence? This workshop was built from this love for fundamentals, be it in a technique or in life in general, and a deep respect for what is true on the first step and remains true up until the eleven millionth (maybe even further, who knows). Therefore people of all technical levels and also non-jugglers will, we believe, find joy in it.

Why the holistic approach? Time and time again we have met the physical, technical and emotional limitations and even dangers of over-specialization. It’s so often the case that an extra hour of juggling practice serves even our juggling less than an hour of something else, without mentioning the joys of living a rich and healthy human life which a balanced practice procures. In this workshop we will try to experience and nurture the holistic approach, where respecting all of the facets benefits each of the facets.

In the morning we will share and repeat techniques and tools born of our own practice of dance and manipulation:

– meditation

– one ball manipulation

– waving, liquid dance

– slowmotion, slowness

– a deepening of basic human movement (walking, jumping, etc)

In the afternoon we will explore our boundaries through different improvisational practices, developing and getting use to the tools of the morning.

You need one 100mm ball and comfortable clothes to move in, a pen and paper, a water bottle.

Places: 20
Times: Wednesday to Sunday: 9.00-12.00h, 13.30-16.30h
Price – Early bird: 150€ Regular price: 200€
Early bird price – until 1 month before the workshop


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