Awareness through the YES

A weekend research adventure for jugglers, object manipulators and movers with Mounâ Nemri
11am – 4pm, 21-22 April, 2018

I say no. You say no, she says no. They do it too. We all do, at least mean it, more or less all the time, as we were raised and built up to defend ourselves from everything…

Life isn’t that easy. Juggling can be ungrateful. Living from art can sometimes look like a fantasy, even more so when you look at the world through a filter of fear.
How can saying YES actually face us to the reality of each moment? How can the acceptance of all that already is (history, knowledge, singularity) and of what simply is (a drop, a stranger’s smile, anything that is not what we expected or wanted) bring us to the observation of unexpected possibilities?

It is with these questions in mind, and the YES in the mouth and heart that we’ll approach these ten hours of playing around, exploring through, catching up, dropping it like it’s hot, (e)moving towards, rising above, falling apart, and dropping it again.

Two days to explore your vocabulary with my favourite tools coming as much from amazing jugglers’ minds as from dance explorations, childgames, clowny confessions, morning coffee questions or cloudy meditations.

Take your favourite prop(s)

Things we could or would do :

  • Wiggle the body, the heart, the mind
  • Open up, or down
  • Move and fool around
  • Observe the silence
  • Build a castle of the undiscovered, made of bricks from the comfort zone
  • Get techy
  • Make mindmaps. Get lost in a small room
  • Give and receive
  • Build up sequences in 30 seconds. Deconstruct them for hours
  • Make decisions
  • Give it up

Places: 16
Price – Early bird: 60€ Regular: 75€
On-the-door: 85€


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