Combat dance with Shifu Ash (04&05.07.2023)

In the Combat Dance Workshop Berlin with Shifu Ash, we will focus on the development of a strong and technically advanced physicality that includes both the floor and the air in complex sequences through the lens of Combat Dance practice.

Where: Katapult, Wilhelminenhofstraße 91, 12459 Berlin, Germany
When: 4th & 5th July 2023

Deadline for applications: 3rd July 2023

In this workshop, we will focus on the development of a strong and technically advanced physicality that includes both the soil and the air in complex sequences. Through a mixture of theoretical discourse, collaborative investigation and predetermined movement patterns, we aim to sharpen our perceptual abilities and integrate improvisation with precise physical movements.

Workshop Level: Open Level

What is Combat Dance?

Combat Dance is a dynamic and ever-evolving movement practice that integrates diverse movement modalities such as Contemporary dance, Martial Art, Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus and Yoga It functions as a repository of information, continuously expanding by combining the knowledge of various movement forms.

At its core, Combat Dance emphasizes exploring the interrelationships between inner and outer space, uncovering the often-unseen connections between body, mind, and environment. By challenging the practitioners to push beyond their physical limits and engage with complex combinations of movement, it fosters a deep understanding of their physical capabilities and potential.

Limited Seats Available!

10:00am – 12:00pm

In terms of pricing, we have a sliding price scale, here is the detail below:

One Day (20€) Budget
One Day (25€) Regular
One Day (30€) Support
Both Days (40€) Budget
Both Days (50€) Regular
Both Days (60€) Support


Shifu Ash is a dance movement researcher, philosopher, choreographer & visual artist based in Mumbai, India. His expertise lies in movement practices such as Wing Chun, Aikido, Modern Contemporary Dance, Ballet and Contact Improvisation with an experience of 20 years. He is also a former member of CID-UNESCO Paris (International Dance Council) and the founding member & CEO of ProDancer (earlier known as Dance Council India).

As a movement practitioner he has trained with number of masters like: Grandmaster IP Chun, Nancy Stark Smith, David Zambrano, Frey Faust, Sara Shelton Mann, Kira Kirsch, Andrew De Lotbinière Hardwood, Akram Khan, Desmond Richardson, Era Jouravlev, Stephanie Godino, Terence Lewis, Mia Michael, Sonya Tayeh, Anjelika Doniy, Danny Ezralow, Ohad Naharin… to name a few.

He has been invited to teach at some of the prestigious dance festivals & companies in India & abroad like Impulstanz Vienna International Dance Festival, Goa Contact Festival, Goa Dance Residency, Berlin Contact Festival, Portugal Contact Festival, Dance Perfect Studio Prague, Contact Meets Contemporary Festival Goettingen, Tokyo Nomadic Residency, Chinchintalu Festival Dubai, Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company, Nritya Shakti, Institute Of Classical & Modern Dance India, Saint Petersburg Conservatory Dance, Radi Sveta Art, SDVIG Studio, etc.

In the year 2021 Shifu Ash was titled “The Saint Beast” by the International Martial Arts Federation Japan and was also featured as the cover artist for the martial art magazine Jissen. His current project involves choreographing for an upcoming feature film in India and co-curating a dance festival called Partner Dance Festival.

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