Introduction to Clowning

A weekend of clown with Ray
10am – 4pm, 16-17 December, 2017

Do you want to take a break from daily routines?
Do you want to learn as you play funny games?
Do you want to be a dinosaur?
Do you want to learn techniques to improve your style?
Have you been afraid of feeling ‘stupid’ in other workshops?

This is your workshop!

Surprise yourself and have a lot of fun! Find your inner clown and experiment playfully with your feelings, objects, the audience and other clowns in a secure environment where mistakes do not exist.

The Teacher
Ray, from the Canary Islands, is a juggler and, from deep inside his heart, a clown. A nomad for the last six years, he has performed in juggling and clown shows in 16 countries; has organised two circus conventions and more than 100 circus meetings; has won two clown awards; and is the creator of Red Nose Project.

Playfulness, honesty, love, innocence and the goal of transmitting good vibes are keywords for the kind of clowning Ray teaches. With his friendly, honest and loving attitude, Ray takes his students gently on a journey to the principles of clowning and towards themselves.

Technical Goals
– Putting on the red nose.
– A sequence to feel the ‘clown state’.
– Pointing with the nose.
– Opening your eyes and ears.
– Transmiting with the eyes.
– Asking for permission to enter.
– Personal walking style.
– Focus.
– Emotions.

– Date: 2017/12/16-17 (weekend).
– Time: 10.00am – 4.00pm.
– Place: Katapult (Beilsteiner Straße 109, 12681 Marzahn).
– Aimed at:+15 (no experience required).
– Language: English.
– Prices: 95€(Nov)/150€(Dec).

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