Larval Masks – Francesco Procopio

Mask Theatre Workshop with Francesco Procopio
05-06 December, 2020
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

The aim of this workshop is to provide a basic knowledge of mask and movement theatre through an exploration of larval masks. Larval masks feature prominently in the Carnival traditions of Basel, Switzerland. First used in actor training by Jacques Lecoq, these masks represent semi-formed beings that are naive, curious and vulnerable. Originally very colourful, Lecoq decided to modify the masks, making them plain in colour and design. This simplicity allows actors to embody psychologically complex states, inviting them to ‘complete’ the mask using the movements of their own body.

Teaching direction
1/ Introduction to larval masks.
2/ Warm up and body awareness – How to create and sustain the dramatic space.
3/ Pulling and pushing exercises.
4/ Articulating neck movements.
5/ Finding the body’s mask.
6/ Playing to the dramatic drive (Improvisation)

Minimum level: The workshop is open to circus performers, actors, dancers and movers of any kind. No prior experience required.

Places: 12
Times: Saturday and Sunday : 10.30-13.00h / 14.00-17.00h
Price – Early bird: 70€ Regular price: 85€

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Francesco Procopio
Francesco Procopio is an actor, circus performer and teacher. He graduated from the circus school CAU in Granada (Spain) and subsequently moved to Berlin where he had the chance to work with many different performers. He came upon the larval mask in Atelier Mask Movement, a Theatre program in San Miniato (Italy), led by Matteo Destro, a mask maker, pedagogue and director. After the meeting, masks become a prominent part of Procopio’s work, both as a performer and as a teacher. His work is always focused on researching new and innovative styles of expression.

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