Linking our Juggling to our Depths

A weekend of juggling and contemplation with Joseph Viatte
17-19 September, 2021
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

There are just so many things to do in a life… so many methods, practices and techniques, so many exercises “to be done every day”, so many paths, each so beautiful. Especially today, with them all available in our pockets at the swipe of a finger, it’s quite easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of possibilities, have “fear of missing out”, touch upon the surface of many practices but never really go deep: do a bit of yoga then some tai chi then an exercise from last week’s dance workshop then oh what about that one breathing exercise and this approach and that approach etc.

That’s why I feel like it’s important particularly today to reconnect with our own deep, personal, undeniable, unique path. Not just one of the many from the outside, no matter how good, but the unreplaceable one waiting for us in our guts. The one which feels vibrant and real, activates our whole being and satisfies our core. The one which we inevitably return to anyway, and when we do the universe sighs in relief. Our own unique life. There’s an immense energy that comes with being aligned with it, with what’s deeply fascinating to us, feels deeply important to our guts, it’s like having all of existence on our side. This energy can serve as a great fuel for our movements, actions and thoughts, and also as an indicator of when we’re aligned or when we’ve disconnected from our depths and cut off the flow. In my experience, it truly is trustworthy! Our core is actually smart! Following it feels satisfying and meaningful, sure, but it’s also surprisingly efficient: for starters it fills our art with what we care about most, with the deepest beauty we can muster. But it even naturally guides us to the right practices and practice schedules, among many other practical things, in ways which we generally only understand years later and go “oooh that’s why it was a good idea to do that thing I did!”

So in this workshop, we’ll take the time to physically connect in with this felt sense of our depths, of being on our real path, and we’ll listen to what keeps the connection alive and what cuts it off. We’ll explore how this guides us, be it in how we take care of our bodies, how we hold our posture and move, how we hold our objects, relate to them, practice with them, how we share it all with the outside world, etc.

The days’ content will be quite balanced in a “holistic” way between meditation, body care, technical body and juggling exercises, improvisation, and sharing, always with this theme of being connected to our depths.

Please bring your juggling props (whichever ones you feel resonate with the theme), comfortable clothes to move freely in, a pen and paper, a water bottle.

If you aren’t a juggler but are interested nonetheless, please do come, the juggling exercises will for sure be adaptable.

Places: 16
Times: Friday: 6pm-9pm, Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm (with lunchbreak)
Price – Early bird: 150€ Regular price: 175€

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Joseph Viatte
Joseph is a self-taught juggler, object manipulator and dancer. Born in Switzerland at age 0, he fell in fascination with contact juggling at 16, and soon after with tai chi, organic movement, dance improvisation and meditation, which have been the core of his daily practice ever since, and which he’s been integrating with juggling. At age 18 he tried out movement theater school Scuola Teatro Dimitri but chose to leave after three months, preferring to follow his own path. This allowed him to meet and work with Piryokopi, a group of the world’s best object manipulators.

He spent his early 20s working with them on their first show, with Adrien Mondot in the show Cinématique, Pizzi Dance Art Productions in Love’s in Dance, and also touring three solo object manipulation acts he wrote to share his technical explorations and discoveries (with hoops, acrylics and bananas). Since 2017, he has been creating shows and touring with French company Defracto, and Swiss companies Interface and Per Hominis, living at the family’s yoga center in the Swiss mountains (ViaYoga) in between, never missing a day to deepen his practices and explorations.

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