Under the Ball with Van-Kim Tran and Cyrille Humen

5 Days of juggling with Van-Kim and Cyrille
21 – 25 November 2016

For us, the beauty of contact juggling is in the connection between the body and the ball. Through a deeper understanding of rolling, stall points and throws, we will look for an awareness of the body and qualities of movement that can feed the creation process. How can the body be with the ball and open to the unknown?

Cyrille’s practice is physical and acrobatic. He uses curves and spirals in his movement to develop a complex and continuous juggling.
Cyrille, “Water Experiment”

Van Kim is a member of Cie Defracto. He is looking for a continuity among soul, body, objects and space. A strong imagination creates the involvement of the body and the quality of movement.
Van-Kim, “Solstice”

Places: 15
Price – Early bird: 225€ On the door: 250€

For registration, contact oli@katapultberlin.com or use Paypal:

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Photo credits: Van-Kim: Pierre Morel // Cyrille: Caballero Edson

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