Juggling with Mikel Ayala

16-20 December 2016

After a sold-out workshop in January this year, Mikel is back for round two.

Mikel has spent 15 years studying the relationship between object, juggler and scene. He trained in Circus Schools: Circomedia (Bristol), Carampa (Madrid) and Lido (Toulouse). Being taught by jugglers such as Rod Laver, Haggis McLeod, Sam Veale, Donald Grant, Luke Wilson, Sean Gandini, Walid El Yafi, Churun, Viktor Kee, Stefan Sing, Maksim Komaro, Sylvain Cousin, Jive Faury, Morgan Cosquer, Etienne Manceau, Iris. Later, he studied a different approach to objects from Philippe Genty as “théâtre d’objet” working with materials, puppets, scenography…

“My pedagogical proposal is not directly based on teaching what I do. The idea is to use my experience and the technique I have developed, to help students on their path to their own signature. Encourage and follow the student to live the creative process and the scene. This workshop is for jugglers from every level and object, but they should be motivated to juggle and perform in front of the other students.”

“Depending on the students we will determine together which subjects we will study. Below I list some lines of work to get an idea of the contents. It does not mean that everything will be done. I’m open to any different proposal.”

Training: Different training strategies depending on the objectives.

Technique: Physical awareness and movement efficiency, how to reduce the effort, timing-orientation-coordination, to know what we want to do and do really what we wanted to do.

Object: The relationship with the object, throwing and catching, dynamic manipulation, swing, antiswing, fishtail, antifishtail, balances, imbalances, blocking, placements, rolling, drawing space, isolation, translations, legos, bouncing, feet juggling…
Common Objects (not designed to juggle) and materials.

Juggling notation: Writing as a method to develop the knowledge. Manipulation, Fishtails, antiswing… (not necessarily Siteswaps)

Research and creativity: Development of new phrases, new figures… working to find your own way to juggle.

Devising and Composition: phrases, acts…


Presentation: the relationship with the scene.

Skills required: being motivated
Open to all.

Places: 15
Price – Early bird: 225€ On the door: 250€

For registration, contact oli@katapultberlin.com or use Paypal:
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