EmoHoop – Marianna de Sanctis

Work on the three human levels: brain, heart and movement with Marianna de Sanctis
1-2 February, 2020
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

A masterclass open to jugglers and hoopers.
We will work on artistic research with objects, elements of theater on stage and clowning.

We will take what we know and re-translate it with a new vision in a practical way, destroying and reconstructing our technique.
Intellectually we will work on the space of the stage and on how to tell a story by simply moving or choosing the space.
Emotionally we will try to convey expression through the body and the face, without going to aggravation, but working from the inside of the emotion and carrying it on the movements in a controlled manner.

Minimum level : 3 balls cascade or turning a hoop

Places: 16
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-14.00h
Price: Early bird: 90 – Regular price: 105

For registration by bank transfer, please visit the registration page or use Paypal below:
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Marianna de Sanctis
Until the age of nineteen, Marianna learned to make excellent coffee and cappuccinos.

One day, she packed her bags to travel the world, and discovered circus! Until this time she had no prior circus training, she had never hula hooped, or even done gymnastics. Despite this total lack of circus skills, she had the opportunity to hula hoop with a friend – Silvia Pavone. With her she learn to hula hoop in Italy for the first time, but this was for fun and not in a traditional circus. Marianna started to play with the hula hoop. Later she played with this circular object in various performances on open stages, and found that it helped her to release repressed anger.

She decided to study something beyond the techniques learned from the hula hoop videos she had seen.

She went on to study at “FLIC” circus school in Italy, and later in the school of circus “LE LIDO” in France. Having started this skill just for fun, she now works using her own personal style, where the simple turn of hula hoop, is sometimes forgotten in the corner of her brain.

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