Game of Clowns – Joanna Bassi

Clowning with Joanna Bassi
12/ 19/ 26, January 2020
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

This workshop covers contemporary clowning – what is only absurd, and what is also funny and why. It also looks into classic tricks of the trade, exercises in search of comic identity, style and timing.
On the longer run we can approach how to compose an act.

Joanna Bassi
Born into a traditional circus family, Joanna Bassi learned violin, juggling, dance, acrobatics, and acting to finally become a clown. She has been involved in the performing arts since childhood, whether on stage, underneath, on the side or behind, she has coached, directed, performed, taught in multiple fields ranging from Music to Comedy and Drama.

In Circus, Streets and theaters, she now works with people from beginners to the most experienced focusing on what she can give to improve a show.

Places: 15 per Day
Times: Sunday 10.00-16.00h
Price: 1 Day: 40€, 2 Days: 80€, 3 Days: 120€
Each session can be taken independently, it is not necessary to start with the first week, or to take all three!
Level : Open to all

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