Flow Force – Acrodance and Improvisation – Florencia Buzzo

The body as the movement teacher with Florencia Buzzo
29-30 June, 2019
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

In the Flow Force workshop we work as a base to awaken listening and body awareness, from the sensitivity. Just as a musician practices the sensitivity of the ear to feel the sounds, we practice the sensitivity to feel our body. You can not move something if you do not feel it first, listen, name, that is, integrate. Integrate to dance with.

THE MOVEMENT AS A RELATIONSHIP. Not only do we move, but we allow ourselves to be moved by, like any relationship, the fluidity between moving and being moved, of dancing with it, the vertigo between control and non-control.

Sensitivity is going to be our guide, the body a field to explore. The important thing is to discover the keys to open the doors inside, doors that lead to open more doors, doors that never end. Our keyword is INTEGRATE.

We will explore the efficiency and power of the body’s strength from non-strength, non-resistance. We do not resist the internal or external forces, but we integrate them, we use them in favor of our dance. How can we allow, recycle and integrate a movement to generate another movement, or use these forces to arrive into the acrobatics?

How to get the dance to work with the acrobatics listening to the body, without running over it, but relating and dancing with it?

Tools given in the workshop: acrobatics, dance, movement anatomy, eutonia and martial arts techniques such as aikido to enrich the language, and approach the movement of acrobatics from a strong but soft body.
How to generate more mobility and freedom from the independence of body parts.

This workshop is alive, growing, rather than giving a closed material. I want to investigate together and in each one.

What generates in you greater availability towards the movement?

What is to be available?

Places: 30
Times: Saturday and Sunday: 10.00-14.00h
Price: Early bird: 75 – Regular price: 85 – Door price: 95

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Florencia Buzzo
Born in Buenos Aires, since her adolescence, she began her studies in music, Aikido and Acrobatics. She studied Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, and Body Expression at the U.N.A. (National University of Arts). Then she continues her studies deepening many years in Contemporary Dance, Flying Low, Improvisation and Floor Acrobatics.

In her personal research, she deepens more and more the fusion between acrobatics and dance, using as a base the awakening of listening and body awareness, her interest being to investigate, more than the forms, the functioning of the body itself … the search to investigate WHAT GENERATES GREATER AVAILABILITY IN THE BODY TO THE MOVEMENT, therefore also studying what it is that stops the energetic and dynamic flow of the movement.

She continues to enrich her knowledge by studying Anatomy of the Movement, Feldenkrais, Eutonia, B.M.C (Body Mind Center), Axis Syllabus. The common denominator among the different techniques, the central axis of their interest, is: the nature of the force in the body and in the movement. To explore the dynamic laws that govern us, to be able to dance with them and achieve greater fluidity and freedom in our relationship with the body in movement.

Formed and received in the Circus career of the arts unit of the U.N.S.A.M.

In 2014 she moved to France and entered the professional training Center des Arts du Cirque Le Lido, Toulouse, as a specialty in Acro-danse. In 2016 it is received from professional training.

Parallel to her studies she was also performer and co-creator in various shows, companies and festivals in South America and Europe, and also worked with various directors. She currently teaches in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Argentina and Brazil.

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