Partner Acrobatics, Dance & Physical Theater

Three week programme for partner acrobatics
4-22 November, 2019
Monday to Friday
Wilhelminenhofstr 91, 12459 Berlin

The programme provides professional instructions in the field of handbalancing, group acro, hand-to-hand, high acro balance, dynamic skills and group games. Additional to the acrobatics training there will be dance and physical theater classes to spice up our performing skills on stage.

The Kaaos Kaamos approach:
Spread the Madness! We want to challenge you! Not only in the tricks, but also in taking the good amount of risk! Carry each other, jump on each other, throw each other and most important trust each other! We will play games to understand “Hand to Hand” from a different perspective – the Kaaos Kaamos perspective!

We gonna make you sweat cleaning up your basics. Tempos, floor positions, tempos, one arms and also tempos! And we will work on your specific tricks with each duo/trio/group. Therefore giving you tools how to continue working on these without a teacher or lounge. – by Erika and Perry

We’re happy to have a nice team of charming, professional and experienced teachers on board.
Erika Ahola and Perry Halt from Kaaos Kaamos – week 1&2
Fernando Jorge Melki and Fifi Rosenblat – week 3
Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes-Guerra week 1-3
and more to announce soon

Application Process:

Please fill out the application form, include a motivation letter and send a video link (Youtube or Vimeo) of yourself and a partner showing the following:

– L-base hand-to-hand & foot-to-hand: 10 seconds
– squads (flyer & base) in standing foot to hand
– standing hand-to-hand: 5 seconds
– sharing your story/background with us

You can join the programme as a single flyer or base, although we recommend coming with a partner you regularly train with. We will give preference to people signing up for the full programme (3 weeks). There will be two rounds for accepting application and announcing the participants.

1st round of applications: Deadline June 15th
2nd round of applications: Deadline September 15th

You’ll get informed 2 weeks after the application deadline.

Early bird price

1 week = 350€
2 weeks = 700€
Full programme = 900€

Full price (After August 1st)
1 week = 400€
2 weeks = 800€
Full programme = 1100€

Should you have any questions concerning the Performing Acrobatix Programme, just drop us a message:

Couples and groups who sign up together get a discount of 50€ each! There is a field in the application form where you can enter the name of your friend.

More information on the programme is found on:
This programme is organised by Cameo Acrobatix in cooperation with Katapult.

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