Un loup pour l’homme Workshop

A weekend of partnering, listening and endurance with Arno Ferrera and Mika Lafforgue
2pm -5pm, 16-17 June, 2018

For acrobats – dancers – movers
In this workshop of two days with Arno Ferrera (CH, IT) and Mika Lafforgue (FR), two acrobats of Un loup pour l’homme (FR), we will work around partnering through some practices of the work of the company. What we will question is the relation and the connection between partners, and how we can develop listening and endurance in a sensitive way. We will pass through the blind work, and the different ways of what we call locomotion and rolling dogs (two processes of moving from place to place in an interconnected way). We will often change the partner in order to work with the notion of adaptability.

In our practice we include different kind of physical games, because playfulness is a great attitude in order to be in the moment and find concreteness in the action.

RARE BIRDS – Un Loup pour l’Homme – 2017
FACE NORD – Compagnie Un loup pour l’homme – 2011

Level: Open to all acrobats, dancers and movers with a good movement awareness
Places: 20
Price – Early bird: 100€ On the door: 120€

Early-bird deadline: May 16th

SOLD OUT – please contact us for waiting list.

He gratuated from CNAC as aerial cradle base, and he worked for several companies including Cheptel Aleïkoum and Cie. du Nadir.
Since 2010 he joined Un loup pour l’homme as an acrobat and co-creator in the shows «FACE NORD» and «RARE BIRDS».

He graduated from Scuola Teatro Dimitri, after a gymnastics practice. He worked for several companies including Martin Schick & Damir Todorovič and Opera RetablO.
Since 2015 he joined Un loup pour l’homme as replacement in «FACE NORD», and later as a co-creator in «RARE BIRDS».

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