Aerial movement & Sound design workshop

Acrobatic movement and sound design workshop with Jennifer Cohen and Noam Helfer

When: 25. 10. 2024 – 27.10.2024
Times: Friday 17:00-20:00, Saturday 11:00-15:00, Sunday 11:00-15:00
Where:  Katapult, Wilhelminenhofstraße 91, 12459 Berlin
Teachers: Jennifer Cohen & Noam Helfer 

The workshop is designed for aerialists, soundscapers and music composers seeking to enhance their soundtrack abilities and collaborative synergy with fellow creators.
Participants will engage in body work, vocal exercises, microphone techniques in spatial contexts, electronic and analog sound manipulations, and the fusion of movement and music dynamics.

Throughout the workshop, we’ll co-create and explore using the Score
method—an improvisational movement framework in real-time.
Finally, a public presentation will showcase the research materials developed during the

Noam Helfer
Musical Entrepreneur, Sound artist, Singer, and an Artistic Experience
Designer. His artistic ventures are very dynamic, but can be narrowed down to 3 main channels of creation:

  1. A vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In his recording studio he collaborates and releases music under the monikers – Helfer and Age is a Box. He works with various colorful artists such as Kamila, Oren Lavie, Roy Avital – Garden City Movement, Totemo, Idil Meśe and many more.
  2. He composes soundtracks for many world-known Choreographers
    (Sharon Friedman, Fresco, Vertigo, Lior Tavori, Daniel Elnuma and
    many more).
  3. He curates, directs and produces multi-disciplinary conceptual art
    events under the name “Capsula”.

Jennifer Cohen
Contemporary poetic performer, Circus artist, Creator and Choreographer.
Jenny is exploring life and the physical-mental body as a tool of individual and collective healing process. She uses different circus disciplines for expressing her inner world and artistic perspective. Her stage experience is wide and dynamic, and includes personal creation projects alongside
performances around the world.
In her personal development and research, Jenny combines dynamic
effortless technique, synced relaxed breath work, and deep listening to the
changing body center points.
She performs with the companies Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Plume and many more.

Program description

  • Aerial technique & Movement
  • Sound & Voice
  • Dynamic relationship between movement and sound

Early bird: 175€
Regular price: 190€
At the door: 200€

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